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Re: Coaching certification

If you people can’t read....all coaches must be certified in all areas and pass background checks....paid or not, you people are iots

Re: Coaching certification

Should I give a **** that a coach doesn't have his CEP#, any age appropriate training, and doesn't even appear on a USA hockey coaches search? I will guess no USPHL or CORI either but that is speculation. Why isn't this enforced by the EHF?
can we separate CORI from everything else, CORIs are state law.

as for CEP/patching: automobile makers spend billions on r&d to make the occupants safer in an accident, which is all for not if you are not where you are supposed to be a/k/a wearing a seat belt properly. similarly, and i will grant there is a lot of nothing there, USA Hockey has spent a fair amount of time and money working with coaches, educators and psychologists to design a plan for the betterment of YOUR CHILD. information i was never privy too. so why should we not expect our coaches to at least give an afternoon or 3 to hear them out. btw the one given to high school coaches was better than any of the 4 levels by USA hockey (although the 4th had some moments).