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Unacceptable Posts & Being Banned

It's that time of year again. With a rash of unacceptable posts it's time for a helpful reminder on some of the posting limitations we view as acceptable here on the Ice Hockey DBoard. Obviously we would like to keep the DBoard open for informative and honest discussion, we do not want to keep policing the posts for every derogatory or childish detail.

It is O.K. to be critical of programs, venues and in some cases adult players and coaches but we do hope you refrain from using names. What is NOT ACCEPTABLE are slanderous posts, accusations of unfound illegal activity, calling-out individuals by name, posting hearsay or damaging opinions. Pointing out kids, naming kids or anything related to potentially identifying specific children is off limits.

Once again we would like to remind posters that many good people have worked very hard for the game and championed the sport of hockey for many years in the region and they often have a large percentage of their net worth, personal lives and reputations tied to their efforts and they do not deserve to have anonymous posters potentially ruin what they have worked for and/or accomplished.

We will have no option other than to ban the offending user(s).

Thank you,

DBoard Administrator