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Re: Stay classy RG!

­čÖä. You really think this is over an unpaid bill. Ridiculous. People close to the situation know it’s wrong but are too afraid to speak up. Cause they KNOW they’d be next. Like he’s doing anything out of the kindness of his heart or to deveop kids­čśé. It’s al about money and power and vindictiveness­čśé. Smarten up people. Youth hockey is vicious. Made that way from men like him that are nothing but bullies. When they don’t get their way, watch out!
First of you had to be classy to stay classy, B) there's more kid on that team with unpaid bills than you know. RG is a douche and I've told him to his face too.

Re: Stay classy RG!

Rumor is he offered to buy the DBoard and the people in charge turned it down. Someone said it was a ‘low six figure’ amount.