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Re: Providence Jr Bears

Hardy Astrom
It's not always the better kids that make the A team in these cases. It's who got on the A team and then stayed there. They become better because they get better coaching and more ice time. And, yes, I agree. The A team should be the best kids. But to have 2 B teams that are unequal is not fair to the kids. And that's what the Bears have done for several years. Warwick is doing OK but they keep losing kids to PHC. The PHL is fine and allows for a higher level of play than the RI State league, supposedly. So Warwick no longer runs solid A teams since they push those kids up to fill "Elite" and "Premier" teams in the PHL. They are breaking the SNEHC by doing that and it's not helping them retain kids. If you want Club, go play club. And, yes, the Bears are political and run by a couple of coaches who do what they want to do. Those coaches contribute a ton of volunteer hours to the organization so I guess they can take out of it whatever they want.
I would disagree with your claim that the A team gets better coaching. There are some great B and C team coaches out there who are helping their kids develop and have fun. What Warwick is doing is offering the club experience at town prices to retain their better kids because state league is not good competitive hockey. Yes, I know it the PHL but I understand why Warwick would do it and think it is a good idea. Sure the state league teams suffer a little bit but you keep the kids in town and move them up in to high school. I think it's a good way to develop the kids. The partnership with West Warwick is good too.

I can't speak on the politics of the Jr Bears because my kid has never played there so I will take your word for it but we left town for club hockey because of the politics. The coach of the A team was more interested in protecting his little group of dads than actually putting together a good team and I wasn't willing to kiss the guys butt so it was time to move on so I understand how it works but the politics are just about the same in club, get in good with the coach and maybe he'll keep your kid one more year. He's now on an "elite" team in the Fed and improving year over year because of the level of competition he plays at and I think that's what RI town parents don't fully understand. High school hockey is weak in RI. Any kids who have talent leave to go to MA and CT whether it be prep or full season. Using Warwick as an example if a kid is good and has some talent and his choice is D3 Pilgrim or Lasalle I think the kid will pick Lasalle for both the hockey and the education.

Re: Providence Jr Bears

Hardy Astrom
The Bears are kind of ridiculous. You\'ve got a couple of coaches who keep their kids and friends together. They shut out the other kids from developing. Yeah, it\'s town and that\'s exactly why this crap shouldn\'t be happening. All these kids just want to play HS with your Chartreuse Division bender in Division 2 in Rhode Island. If those kids who always stay together and make the A team are so good, then send them up to club. The PHC will be happy to accommodate. Otherwise, GPYHA needs to spread the talent equally and make competitive teams across the division of A, B and C. The state league is crumbling and it\'s hardly state league when you have to travel to the Cape, Nantucket and Martha\'s Vineyard to play a **** game. There\'s a reason for town teams and the SNEHC along with the Bears has lost sight of it.
Why should the Jr Bears offer sending their kids on the A team to PHC? It makes no sense to me. Also why should the Bears be obligated to spread the talent around? That makes no sense either, I would think any organization would try to put the best kids on the A teams and the best of the rest on the B and so on. Putting a kid on the B team who should be on the A team is counterproductive I would think.

You say state league is a mess but I will commend Warwick for at least trying to create a program for keeping their best players with the Blues. There's no question the Club teams are taking away from the town teams. Warwick realizes that and has given an avenue for the better plays to play in a club like setting. Granted it's the PHL and EJEPL but it's better than state league.
Yea, except kids that belong on a B team make the A team because of who they know

Re: Providence Jr Bears

The Bears have great coaches, they are winning and the kids get more puck touches than most club teams. Leave your kids there, let them have fun. Worry about the larger picture when they have muscles and you can determine their strengths and weaknesses, why sit the bench for Daddy coaches on club teams that will double and triple shift their Bender’s so they can have a chance at the glory and they still don’t produce

Re: Providence Jr Bears

Congratulations to the GPYHA Junior Bears. You know that you have made it when the Dboard Dbags are whining about your organization.

Re: Providence Jr Bears

The OP is clearly a disgruntled dad who 'thinks' his bender got raw deal. You need to get over it. If you don't like it learn how to skate and get a coaching cert.

As for your claims they are not grounded in reality. GPYHA is a solid town program with decent coaching and people and you get a lot what you pay for. And from experience I can tell you that when I brought my kid over there from 'outside' as a second year peewee he made the A team after tryouts. No collusion, didn't know 1 daddy or coach on team, no backroom deal. Zippo! We ultimately left for other options but never had a bad experience with the org.

So before you go and try to tear down a town org on dboard simply bc little johnny got put on B team with kids who 'you' feel are inferior know what the heck you are talking about. Not to mention I'm sure the inferior kids and parents of B team are gonna love having you around all next year. I'll bet PHC will love to have you on the EMHL or SNEHC team for 2x the money and then you can say little johnny's arrived, yet in reality you'll still be playing B or C level hockey.

Re: Providence Jr Bears

It's a story as old as select hockey. In fact the idiots who have gotten involved over the past 25 years in town hockey programs are the same buffoons who have killed town hockey. And then when one of the better players leaves to join a team selected more on merit, the townies all get bent out of shape. Look morons, you are the ones who killed your little fantasy factory of town hockey, deal with it! :tired_face: