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Youth Hockey
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Re: Providence Jr Bears

Congratulations to the GPYHA Junior Bears. You know that you have made it when the Dboard Dbags are whining about your organization.

Re: Providence Jr Bears

The OP is clearly a disgruntled dad who 'thinks' his bender got raw deal. You need to get over it. If you don't like it learn how to skate and get a coaching cert.

As for your claims they are not grounded in reality. GPYHA is a solid town program with decent coaching and people and you get a lot what you pay for. And from experience I can tell you that when I brought my kid over there from 'outside' as a second year peewee he made the A team after tryouts. No collusion, didn't know 1 daddy or coach on team, no backroom deal. Zippo! We ultimately left for other options but never had a bad experience with the org.

So before you go and try to tear down a town org on dboard simply bc little johnny got put on B team with kids who 'you' feel are inferior know what the heck you are talking about. Not to mention I'm sure the inferior kids and parents of B team are gonna love having you around all next year. I'll bet PHC will love to have you on the EMHL or SNEHC team for 2x the money and then you can say little johnny's arrived, yet in reality you'll still be playing B or C level hockey.

Re: Providence Jr Bears

It's a story as old as select hockey. In fact the idiots who have gotten involved over the past 25 years in town hockey programs are the same buffoons who have killed town hockey. And then when one of the better players leaves to join a team selected more on merit, the townies all get bent out of shape. Look morons, you are the ones who killed your little fantasy factory of town hockey, deal with it! :tired_face: