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Re: Collusion in EHF

This should not devolve into an E9 v. EHF quality of hockey argument. It has nothing to do with that. The story on what is happening to this family is out there now. People are talking about it. It's a black mark on youth hockey regardless of the league. RG is abusing his power and blackballing a 12 year old kid. The kid is a good kid and has done nothing wrong. Even the parents on the Islanders don't know why RG is blackballing a kid that he cut. They think he is out of line.

Let's hear the other side. Why is RG trying to keep this kid out of the league? Why are the owners afraid to take the kid? I'm sure Merrimack College would be thrilled to hear that they are associated with a guy like this. Let's pray he never becomes director of admissions. This all goes away if RG acts like an adult and a business leader, sets aside his personal vendetta, and let's the kid play. Suspend the parents if they did something to justify a suspension. So let's hear the justification for blackballing this kid.
Couple of points:
1. Agreed. This is not an E9 v. EHF discussion. EHF defenders will want to take it there though to dodge the topic.

2. The parents and RG know the truth.
a. If the parents pulled the kid and the rules state that they cannot move to another team without permission, then they are screwed. It may have been a "you can't fire me, I quit" situation which would suck for the kid as RG would then not do him any favors.
b. If the kid was cut and RG is preventing the kid from jumping on another EHF elite team because of a personal issue, then they should go talk to a lawyer or go to the news for some publicity. Hell, if money is an issue, start a Go Fund Me attorney fee page. RG has ****** in enough cereal bowls to make a few enemies over the years and finding contributors shouldn't be a problem.

3. Caveat emptor.
a. Parents should know: when its good, its good at IHC. Just ask plenty of the IHC defenders out there. But when its out.
b. Other team owners know or should have known what they were allowing. I wasn't privy to those original backroom discussions but as the saying goes "you made your bed"...
c. Merrimack is already aware about who they are associated. Money buys a lot of power at the institution. Ask Coach Dennehy.

My question is this: why is there so much controversy around this man?

Re: Collusion in EHF

Get's better. The rules that were taken down off the website at some point in the middle of last year clearly stated that a team with a **** winning percentage (aka ssk's) can take two players off another elite team if they had a high winning percentage (aka isles). But apparently there is a back room, handshake, BS deal in place (think like Trading Places) where Team2 would never ever take more than 1 elite kid from Team1 and vice versa. The league rules are in black and white...and are being usurped by RG and for whatever reason we will never know why. ..and the parents should and could get their hands on those and demand answers.
Above all fact. RUMOR is RG owns a part of Team 2.....threw some $$ in a few years ago. hmmmmm.

Re: Collusion in EHF

Yup. Play time demands coming back to haunt!

Re: Collusion in EHF

If this is true story parents just go to channel 5 news tell there story.

Re: Collusion in EHF

How many times do you hear it?
It goes on all day long
Everyone knows everything
And no one's ever wrong...