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Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more

Too much money to be made. That’s all this is about.

Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more

So, this was a long time in the making. If the league was truly interested in hockey, they would have allowed the top two T1 black teams play into a parity round vs. the bottom two or three elite level teams. It is likely that PHC-T1 black and Northstars both would have offered better competition. I realize that PHC T1B could be a problem as the PHC elite is already up there but the Northstar team would not be.

This is about too many teams and not enough elite players. There should only be six elite teams anyway based on talent that is out there.
Northstars can’t play in due to geography ! Another reason the EHF Iis declining and destined for failure.

Not about being elite and playing elite, more about not infringing on another teams right to be called elite.

Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more

Can you explain the geography thing? Is it due to MMF? Thanks...

Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more


Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more

Families told after tryouts there won’t be an 05 elite team. Kids and parents scrambling to find a team. Sad to see an organization in such decline. Commit to developing your players and this won't happen. Will there be a refund of the bait and switch tryout $$$?
I give them credit for pulling the plug, too many org's take what they can for U-14 at tryouts and hope for a few off season acquisitions and additional bodies after high school tryouts and it seldom works out. After the teams loses a couple of players to high school you see those teams playing with eight skaters and a rotation of underage goalies. It's better to waste the tryout money than the full tuition.

Re: 2005 Breakers elite is no more

Many of the 05 Terriers went to the River Rats along with other from that area. They should be pretty good. The IHC 05 team lost a bunch of kids so instead of bring up AAA kids to fill the spots the coach decided to take his remaining kids and combine with the Minuteman Flames. That will be a half season team and they will be pretty good as well. The Providence Capitals also improved and will be pretty good.

There will be several local pretty good 05 Elite teams and a couple of really good ones. This season will require some regional travel to play higher caliber teams like MFR, NJ Colonial and the Philadelphia Hockey Club.

Seems at the U14 level when league player movement restrictions are over you end up having less teams however the teams that are left have combined players from a bunch of different teams creating more depth for these teams.

We shall see...

Put the skates away and play some spring sports!!!!