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Re: Coaches who lie to gain players

Is it me, or is it unethical, to promise parents and kids that their team will play in elite hockey this coming season? I may be wrong but dont you need a bid to get into elite if you have not played in that tier before? Which, btw, this team was very far from it...
Did the coach lie or did you hear what you wanted to hear?

We are happy to offer your son/daughter a spot on our (fill in birth year) Elite team. We will play in the very competitive (fill in league name here) and believe you player will be a key contributor to our success.

As has been pointed out, ELITE is a marketing term not recognized by USA Hockey. So pretty much every organizations top team is the "Elite" team, regardless of tier. Unless of course you are in the PHL where Elite wasn't good enough, so now you are Premier, unless you are on the B team, then you are back to being Elite. (Total genius move on the part of MB)

So did the coach tell you that your player was on the elite team or did he say you would be playing in the E9 or EHF Elite? I'm not saying the coach didn't lie, just asking the question.

On a side note, it seems like it's becoming more common on the E9 side of of the world. Coaches and organizations walking this fine line between outright lies vs realms of possibilities. Because of parity, yes a team might qualify to the E9 but not likely, yet they market the idea of Elite because it appeals to the players and parents. I guess this is the downside of having movement of teams at the Elite level & parents that don't take the time to understand.