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Youth Hockey
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Re: 07 elites

A league doesn't develop anyone in hockey. It is all coaching and the program. Saying the FED or the E9 develop more players is a foolish argument. The kids coach is the one who has the greatest impact on development. The programs skills and the quality of the coaching is what drives people to their program.
By that logic then many kids who are playing in the Fed or E9 should play town. Ive seen really good coaches at the squirt 3 level and pee wee 2 level from 2 different towns. Now, these kids could be playing among kids that can barely skate, but he is with a really great coach. So based on your thoughts these kids going to town with a good coach and playing with and against kids who are not Really good will help him develop. You believe that competition and pace of play mean nothing?

Re: 07 elites

Poor dead horse.

Haven't there been THREE threads already on this? If we're getting the full story, I'd think the family should have legit recourse. But instead they're here bringing it up over and over again. Something doesn't smell right.

Re: 07 elites

Killer kowalski
I hope it’s not true that the SSK and Bandits turtled to RG and pulled a kids contract because he told them to..Eagles would never oblige by that!!!Let the kid
Play !! He’s 11 for Christ sakes’s only gonna make people hate the islanders more. Kid is to talented to play in the E9. With the movement of the rest of the “Top E9” kids making the move to the FED . It officially has no talent or good teams with the except of BA ..Its just not right ..I believe in Karma .Hope the parents don’t just let this go !!! I don’t understand why he cares ?!?!? You didn’t resign him so he’s no longer your problem let him be some other teams problem.Youth hockey at its finest!!!!
"Kid is to [sic] talented to play in the E9."

It's idiotic statements like this that give RG all of his power. He and his minions have convinced you that this is true, when it really isn't. The hockey being played in the E9 will not prevent your player from achieving any of his long-term hockey goals.

You come on here to badmouth the guy, but you end up perpetuating his myth. Be smarter than that.

Re: 07 elites

Have the kid try and play Fed black?
Then skAte as an alternate with the top team. I’m sure their has to be atleast 1 organization that will do the right thing , BJE, MMF,
Then after 2-4 weeks move up or play both whatever the rules say ....

Re: 07 elites

Rules won't allow it. Plus, the real issue remains that RG has threatened at least two organizations with future repercussions if they take the kid. And to be clear, RG does not refer to Roger Goodell. Same initials. Same lack of ethics and integrity. Same abuse of power and position. But different person.

Re: 07 elites


Re: 07 elites

E9 or EHL doesn’t compare to Canadian AAA Hockey. Both leagues continually get beat up by the Canadian teams so you might as well give up altogether, or move. And then there’s the Czech’s, Finns, Russians, Swedes, etc... that are way ahead in developing kids than the US.

It’s all fine balance between the competition you play against (E9 and EHF have some horrible teams to play against), who you play with (only 3 teams in Boston have top to bottom talent), the coach (I’ve only seen 2-3 coaches that are true elite caliber at this age group) and the skills (most are outdated and the owner/player dev guy has lost interest).

The US has, and will always be, about the money. Pay more, you have better ops. If you want to play D1, pay $160k for prepschool first. Play 2-3 sports, pay advisors in each. Maybe you’ll get a scholarship. Parrots the whole lot of you

We are luck if 1 kid from Boston makes the show at each level and you’re all screwed because my benders have those locked up already. Lol