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Re: Mount Saint Charles is a go

A total of 4 teams, u14,u15,u16,& u18..... hard to believe they were able to get 8-12 coaches from South Kent to commit before they signed 1 player, never mind secured funding or permits to build a dorm. Mark my word, there will be some familiar faces.
You're trying to defend an indefensible position, instead of admitting you're clueless. Go look at the website. Coaches are named. That are NOT picking up Rhody HS retreads.
Correct..And they have commits from kids in other countries already (Finland, Sweden etc). They are spending $3.5 mil on the dorms, and former NHL'r BB will be Directing it. Also the longer term plan is to replace the current rink across the street with a new Ice Center.

Not sure how anyone can disagree with what is going on down there and call it crap. It hasn't even got off the ground yet and they seem to be off to a great start.

The JR Mounties program is a different story and only casually connected to the Hockey Devel school.

Re: Mount Saint Charles is a go

There are 5 coaches listed on the website and BB as skills coach. Even counting BB as a full time coach that averages out to 1.5 coach per team.