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Re: The Cost of AAA Hockey

1 word-competing

I think most people realize there kid is not going to the nhl and not making a living of playing hockey.Ive asked myself why am I so obsessed with my 11 year olds youth hockey and it comes down to one thing-competing.Iam a very successful businessman who makes enough money to retire now at the age of 43 but for some reason my 11 yr old sons hockey occupies most of my energy.We all love to compete,In business-who makes more money.In relationships-who’s got a prettier woman.While driving-Who has a nicer car.Theres actually a pretty simple answer to why we are all crazy hockey parents.I know some people will bash this post “crazy hockey dad”etc..The truth is you all know what I just said is the sad truth.

You can all thank me for helping you figure this thing out😉
this isn\\\'t some corporate sales contest dip****..Most of us don\\\'t look at our lives through a dichotomous lense. You are the classic example of the clueless hockey parent and a large part of the problem.

The actual reason we have this over-priced crappy development model is simple we allowed our youth sport to be handled in the business market rather than protect our kids from the money aspect like MN protected their development model from wealthy dicks like you. Community based model is the better model, and the numbers MN produces prove that as fact.

We have ourselves to thank for what we have here in this part of the country. We allowed ourselves to believe this was the best way to go a long time ago and we continue to financially support it. Which makes all of us equally stupid. This is why we have a system that only truly serves the best kids (thank stupid parity for that ) and a system that really only allows access to the people with the most money..Pure genius right? Serves only the business owners in the sport, and in the abstract kills the sport of hockey overall in the long term. And ironically it\\\'s unsustainable.

WAY to GO!!
What socialist world do you live in where taxpayers bear the responsibility and cost of giving every kid an equal opportunity to determine whether he or she has the chance of becoming an elite athlete?

That goes pretty far past even a decidedly Staunch Liberal POV.

Hey, Finland has even MN beat. Maybe you should move your bender there!
Listen, lay off the steady diet of lead paint while your watching Fox news genius...This has nothing to do with Socialism, or every kid becoming an "elite athlete" but of course you look it at that way because you're 'obsessed with your 11 year olds hockey" and "competition"-I suggest looking inward as to why that is. Some of us just want our kids to have fun and have the best long term shot at developing. And oh btw no one is trying to take your new money retirement fund so save the political rhetoric for your pompous office conversations and FB posts.

The community based model, tax-payer funded or not is an overall better system based on the numbers, and it produces better hockey players and provides more access to the sport for all. I know I know, that comes into direct conflict with your survival of the fittest belief even if it's a child at stake, sorry. Do yourself a favor, take a look at the list from the most recent USA national development team. Assuming Googling something is competitive enough for you, there were two kids from MA, and 9 from MN. The two from MA went to $50k+ elite high schools while the MN kids played mostly for their local high school...Facts are the facts, MN model is better, especially at the youth level. Coaches don't even pick the teams at the youth level, they use 'placers' to come in for tryouts. I personally don't believe business transactions should be handled outside the market, but I prefer as little business/Politics in youth sports as possible. Facts are the facts, and prove the MN model to be the better system for development and the child's overall experience and enjoyment of the game itself. I'm sure it's not without it's flaws.

So booyah keep teaching your kid to be overly competitive instead of a team player and watch how life treats him. No Coach cares where your kid played before 13-14 years old anyway. Your kid will probably make a lot of money, just like you (and feel compelled to share that point with everyone), but what good is all that money when he has zero friends to share the extra time it will provide and he ends up a beer leaguer because you taught him life is a competition.

Let's keep all that in perspective next time you're checking to see if my wife is hotter than yours at the rink numnuts.

Re: The Cost of AAA Hockey

Read this article as an example of what I said in my last post:

Read this article if you want to know why OUR development model sucks and we've ruined the sport here:

Re: The Cost of AAA Hockey

Hockey is not for most people due to cost & time. In other news water is wet.

Re: The Cost of AAA Hockey

Call me crazy but when people ask me this very question. My response is always the same. My son has a passion for hockey and absolutely loves being on the ice. He loves it no matter what, practice, skills, open skate or games. As he has gotten older he now loves the competition of the sport as well. He has a desire to play in HS (public or private) whatever his skill level allow. As a 12 year old boy he dreams of college and nhl but realistically he knows it is a long shot at best. I call it an investment in his happiness; friendships; and a life time of memories.

By the way, he is not on an elite level team but it is not because he did not make it. He chooses to stay with his team that he has played many seasons with. He has awesome coaching who work hard to develop all the kids. I supplement the lower level (T1) of play with skills.

We all need to keep it in perspective.