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Re: Help rank ehf teams

Trying to get my son on a club team. Could anyone honestly rank the organizations in EHF? Is he only getting looks now by the bad teams?
Which year is your son and what area are you living? I know you say EHF but unless you are ok driving a couple hours you really want to make the best of what EHF teams are somewhat local to you. It's too late for this coming season since all tryouts have ended. If there are still spots open on any team it's likely a lower level team or a coach that nobody like to play for so beware of those opportunities. I would start by looking at the rankings and from there pick the teams closest to you that have done well. Then do a bit of research on the coaches. Start by contacting them to express your interest.

Re: Help rank ehf teams

I agree with the logic in this message!! It's cool that somebody took the time to give a constructive response instead of being funny or starting their own agenda as an answer. I definitely agree that it should mostly come down to how long you are willing to spend in the car and finding a good coach within and organization even if said organization isn't at the top of the rankings list. More than likely too late for this year but great advice for 20/21 season. Good luck!!