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Re: League Talk

And 1
Should USA Hockey have a meeting of the mines and consolidate these league to get a bigger pool of players in USNDTP. I look at Team Canada and they have a several layers. (Team West & East).

Just a thought! But couldn't you do a Team New England 1 & 2 Team Mass 1 & 2 Team Atlantic 1 & 2 Etc etc.

Should they is different than could they. I honestly don't see how USA Hockey can change a thing without two things happening:

1) Lawsuits: Look at what is going on in MN as they are trying to force out the club teams. You would most likely see a consolidated lawsuit coming from dozens of owners & rink operators vs just one guy making lives miserable in MN. It would be a nightmare for USA & Mass Hockey and a fight they aren't likely to win.

2) Self insured leagues. Just take 2 minutes to look around and you will quickly realize that USA Hockey-MA Hockey has little control over the chaos here. "Mites have to play X-ICE" No the don't, we'll form our own league and self insure against injury. "You can't have a sanctioned Tier-II Junior league" Not a problem, we'll form our own league and self insure against injury. Costs would simply go up a bit but with all the money involved, G & G would simply do their own thing & we would follow like lemmings.

The only thing that MIGHT work is if USA Hockey formed regional teams in New England that they owned and managed with enough games that it would be difficult for a kid to play for another team & I don't think that is likely to happen. It wouldn't kill off the club teams but if it could draw the actual elite, it might improve the development of those players.