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Reality TV hockey parents

Any team or parents looking to audition for a reality TV show called “Crazy Hockey Parents”?

Re: Reality TV hockey parents

Spartans are in

Re: Reality TV hockey parents

09 - 95 Giants !!! It could double as America’s most wanted.

Re: Reality TV hockey parents


Re: Reality TV hockey parents

06’s - The where are they now’s 5 years after high school would be fascinating.

Interviewer: The hockey ride ended in HS. He won a state championship and now Johnny is about to start medical school. It’s a great accomplishment. You must be very proud.

06 Parent: I am, but, you know if he was just on the ice 6 days a week and shot some more pucks in the driveway, he would’ve made that Brick Team back in 2016. I’m also still kicking myself for not getting him those private skating lessons. I can’t wait until I become a grandfather. I can fix those mistakes then. #TheMall2038