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Re: STX top 68 girls

Is there any girls from around here invited? What about the 8th grade Austin super star??
Wrong place to elicit a response regarding the STX, this place is dominated by parents of Ehf Black and elite kids who are not really elite. Therefore the majority have no clue about the 68 boys, never mind the girls.

parents here are content to have their kids get asked to play for some horrendous summer select tourney team, and do not have the slightest clue that kids at the 68 and that level of talent exists !

They think if they dominate some summer tourney filled with tier 1 kids, they have a shot...

It is quite funny talking about the boys with other parents of 05's who wonder where these kids came from and had no idea they were 05's because they have played up for years !

congrats to the locals who made it.. quite an accomplishment and I wonder how a kid from the E9 made it if the league is so bad ???

Re: STX top 68 girls

Two kids from E9 made STX but both play up so that might tell you something. In the end it does not matter where you play. If you are good they will find you.