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Re: 05 Flames

Gonna be stacked this year A lot of
Buzz around this team.
A lot of Buzz about this team. Just ask around they have the players.
Its over. You didn\'t get the memo buddy. If your kid is an 05 he should be going into highschool and starting the next phase of his life. Youth hockey is over. But if your kid is in 8th grade then you are in no mans land. If you kept him back to stay in 8th grade you are a total loser. Go enjoy life and stop wondering if people think your kid is the greatest. Once highschool starts you will find out that you are not as important and his life will take over for him instead of you dictating his every move.
Sorry your kid got cut!
Nope you are wrong. Kid didn’t get cut. Still playing and doing well. Your kid is probably trying to follow my boy on instagram and keeps getting blocked.