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Re: 07 Player Movement

Huskies top 2 going south. What’s that, 5 straight years of losing their top players? Speaks a ton for the coaching and organization.
Good bye . Please leave. Miserable people.

Re: 07 Player Movement

Elite Islanders blowing up. Parents are tired of playing for free.

Re: 07 Player Movement

Peewee major is when parents start realizing their kid is either playing in high school or he is not. With Bantams around the corner every player is finally pushed where they belong. Most parents are burned out with the bull**** by this point and will let their kid finally decide where and if he wants to play. Most coaches will also be moved out at this point as only about 20% of them are qualified to coach at Bantams and the rest will coach the kids heading for the bench or math class in high school. Just let the kids play and enjoy the game, it's time to admit that you are only there for the beers in the parking lot and the random hot pyshco moms that show up at every rink. Thank you vipers for that.