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Re: 08 player movement

Huskies are by far the worst coaching this year, the same 5 kids play and give up the goals, and JT needs to train his kid. No one likes him, except of course the 4 other daddy coaches.
KG better wake up , and do something about it quickly, no one is returning except the 3 mini mites who have no where to go. It has been told that there’s been swearing and abusive coaching behavior on the bench, sounds like someone is about to get fired, oh wait mass conn dosnt care, isn’t that the same organization where dad coach slept with mom and they still stayed, wow no words

Re: 08 player movement

Why don’t you go to KH with your concerns instead of posting here anonymously?

Re: 08 player movement

JT is an a-hole.....walks around Mass/conn like his crap don’t stink and can’t acknowledge other parents. Glad my kids an 09. Gave some kids I'm friends with his number thinking
they can help his team out next year. Doesn’t call them back. Guess he likes being at the bottom of the barrel. Only a matter of time before EW takes over and runs that team into the ground even worst. You heard it hear, Thunderbirds become a black team mixed with the elite players. Just matter of what kids are on the outside looking in. EW already has 4 committed waiting till they can sign kids discreetly to make it official