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Re: Slap Elite On It

It’s a word. It has no bearing on talent level. It is a marketing tool that stupid parents latch on to. The word is entirely overused. Even in the “elite” divisions, there are very few elite teams. On those teams, there are very few elite players. Elite should be used for a very small sample size of kids that are actually that much better than everyone else, but t’s not... so stop whining about it.

Re: Slap Elite On It

Wow why are you so bull$&&$ you are a bitter person!!

Re: Slap Elite On It

This is not a comment on those teams actually playing in the EHF Elite or E9. As much as everyone hates the term, they are the best of the teams in the area.

This is a comment on dirtbag, money grab, orgs like Seacoast, leveraging their top teams ELITE status and selling people on their lower teams being Elite. Seacoast is going to have 2 U14 Elite teams, really? They are simply attaching the word Elite to what is obviously a Select team, and a mediocre one at best. telling people that they are going to have 2 ELITE full season U14 teams is nothing more than a scam to get them to pony up tuition checks. why are people even listening to these guys at all?

Explain to me how Seacoast can lose half their 06 team to the Spartan Academy (joke in itself) and High School hockey, back fill the real ELITE team with a few outside players, add a couple of the best players from last years select team (BHL American Bottom-feeder), and then still have enough kids to make a second ELITE team? This is a marketing scheme at it\'s finest people, and somehow the sheep are buying it.

but did you hear they will have a 20 year old non-daddy coach? yeah, that makes me feel better about it. what are the chances that kid doesn\'t quit by mid-December?

Families flocking on a promise that they will be playing on an Elite team, but not the \"real\" elite team. One would think that these parents have been around long enough to see through the nonsense and understand what Seacoast is doing. If you go to a skate and you are one of the better players on a tier 1 team, and you are the best kid on the ice at the \"ELITE\" tryout, then maybe a Bullsh%$# alarm should sound in your head.

Who is going to break the news to parents and kids in September that they just finished parity and will be playing in the BHL National? Oh and half the team will still be playing High School hockey after November and they won\'t be able to field a full roster for half their games.

this is just a sad commentary on the state of hockey right now, and the vultures out there looking to gain financially. Tell people anything you want, it\'s their last year playing youth hockey, what is the downside?
Wow, are you an angry person. You sir need to find help. I’m really sorry you feel so personally offended by this that you felt the need to write a novel bashing a program. Sounds like a whole bunch of sour grapes to me. I have a hard time seeing how this is any different than any other org trying to put teams together. All orgs sell their teams as Elite and people buy into it all the time. Stop being such a whiny little ****** You must be such a joy to be around.