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Re: Vipers

Let\'s see... what could it possibly be? Could it be the goonish head-hunting brand of hockey they seem to teach? Or maybe it\'s the maniacal hockey moms that never shut up.. ever. Or maybe its the off-the-rails- glass-banging dads? or maybe it\'s that you never know if the Viper team that qualifies into parity, is or isnt the team that shows up to start the season in August? Maybe it\'s because your kid is always at risk of being benched for an \"alternate\" no one has ever seen before at team meetings? Maybe its the coach\'s kids with anger issues who cant ever please dad- so they run opposing benders through the boards until a Revere ref has no choice but to eject the kid. Maybe its the 8 penalties per game average.

Why oh why would anyone have anything bad to say about the vipers organization?

If you like your kid playing 2-man down penalty kills for 10 minutes a game, every week. Then this is the program for you. Have at it.

Other than the aforementioned, the Vipers are the ideal organization, knock yourself out.

Viper mom proving me right in 3... 2... 1...
You're definitely talking about the 06 team. SK isn't returning next year which is very good for the organization. He is a nightmare and destroyed the reputation of an entire organization. OP, there are good teams and coaches and families and some not so good ones at every organization. Check them out and see what you think for yourself.
I can't imagine anyone would want to come back to that 06 team. They are a disaster and the coach is definitely the issue

Re: Vipers

same coach that walked out on the 09 team last game white parity and didnt even care that he just upset 13 kids. and sadly the 2 owners did nothing about it and continued to back him up and let all those kids down. POOR POOR management of a league.