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Re: U14 wizards

Top team is picked with top tier 1 players, many from EHF, the 2nd team will be current wiz elite and prob tier 2 players who want a shot at possibly playing e9 but likely American after parity. The e9 gets stronger for u14 plus, many good players want full season as many kids are prep 8 th graders who stayed back. In the 2nd half it kind of blows up as some the 9 th graders make varsity or JV but then com back for nationals. That top team will be very strong for sure
You’re a fool. The top team has no less than 5 current EHF Black players. Most of them were E9 players who left for black, and are now going back to E9.

New Mid team coach will allow some returning wiz Elite players on that roster, but ownership is thinking he brings some of his existing players with him to the Wiz.

Good players? Definitely. Top tier 1 players?... that’s funny. If they were top tier 1 players they’d be playing split season and getting ready for prep, Not playing full season club against 8th graders.

Sit down Lenny
You do realize that the black division is tier 2 don't you or did you drink to muck koolaid?