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Re: Club & town

I don\'t think you could if the teams were in the same league, which I think what the OP is saying. If I was playing club money to have the team in the VHL, I would not be thrilled.
I don't think that is what the Op was saying.
There are club teams in the VHL? BHL maybe, same level of play.

Re: Club & town

The flames are a town team at lower levels and I think the Raiders. VHL elite top teams can beat most in ehf and bhl except the top few teams in black and American. Of course the top of vhl elite are all club kids any way. Hopefully not bottom white, silver and bhl national that would not be elite anymore!

Re: Club & town

Mass allows it.
Another misinformed dboarder taking rink lobby talk as the gospel.
I saw your 300 pound wife “Big Bertha” cleaning out the inventory of whoopie pies at the rink the other day. How does she fit in your car? 🤣🤣🤣

Re: Club & town