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EHF tryouts?

Will EHF teams be holding tryouts after the corona stuff blows over or are the teams picked? Before some wise a$$ comments that if I dont have a contract then im screwed, save it, I dont have a kid trying out for ehf team -- I am just curious how it will impact our e9 team.

I saw that TopGun outright cancelled tryouts and were picking their teams which sounds like it should be the right thing to do. No sense in holding money maker tryouts in May and im not sure if people would even go... Do the ehf tier 1 teams have their teams picked/contracts out? Or are tryouts still being planned to come?

Re: EHF tryouts?

yes all ehf teams are pretty well set I know topgun at least at 07 level teams are full

Re: EHF tryouts?

Oh ok well if TopGun 07s are all set then that must mean everyone else is as well. thanks elf coach

Re: EHF tryouts?

Not true.

Re: EHF tryouts?

Yeah, no reason these kids would be trying to get a couple of weeks of spring sports in if possible, they want to go back to the rink where they just spent 7+ months playing ice hockey for tryouts. NOT! Check out thread on the USDT program U17 team ice hockey team selections selection which does not include a single player from MA - and let the kids be kids and play spring sports if they're lucky enough to get the opportunity.