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Re: Coronavirus (Covid-19) models (Organizations with tryouts should read)

Jim M
Rounding estimates. Still will surpass a number that was mocked just 6 days ago. The message should be the same. Distance and practice sound hand hygiene. It will slow but not for awhile. The 579 cases today were infected 10-14 days ago
Wow, you have a real issue with admitting you're wrong, don't you?

Yeah, I round up by 20% all the time.

Bet your wife rounds up by even more than that when she talks with her girlfriends.

Oh and the incubation period is 2 to 14 days, not 10 - 14 days, with a median of 5.5 days, according to one study. To help you out, "median" is a point of central tendency. It means the incubation period was shorter than 5.5 days in as many cases as it was longer than 5.5 days.

Re: Coronavirus (Covid-19) models (Organizations with tryouts should read)

You're such a frigging ******* troll. Seriously. Keyboard warrior trying so hard to focus on the micro missing the macro. Not sure where you've been along this now almost two weeks long discussion but the macro is correct. Those of you dismissing this or saying the predictions were nothing but an over reaction - WRONG. Day 1 I followed the CDC predictive model. Nuance changes and fluctuations will always occur but the bottom line is unchanged. 15,000 cases in MA by tax day with 1-3% fatalities. ICUs are beginning to be overrun. Do you even know a medical professional? Ask them. Good god, you're such a ***** who will surely get the beat down he deserves. I have zero issue admitting being wrong. Look back to the beginning of this thread and see wherever you posted. This is a train. Not slowing. I'll check out now and hop back by the 15th. I hope *******s like you take the medical and scientific advice seriously. I would hate to waste my healthcare resources or time if you were my patient. Others who made the effort to protect themselves and not minimize this deserve and will receive my care. ****** Oh, and I've quarantined myself from my wife and three children because of the risk seeing patients all day long and fear of infecting them. Leave them out of this. *****