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Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

You can keep on saying it, but that isn't an option.

So, congratulations, you've landed on a solution that isn't in place.

Give yourself a pat on the back.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

Personal responsibility and freedom of choice, unfortunately people with little power are being enabled and their power is expanding.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

OK but since this is the YOUTH hockey board how do the yutes get to and from the rink?
In the car with their 53,68 or 82 year old parent/uncle/grandparent?

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

Can't waiver negligence. So kid gets sick parents sue the rink, club etc. stating that the facility, team whoever, was negligent in keeping their kid safe... So not enough Purell, locker-rooms not disinfected, coaches not wearing masks, other kids on the team asymptomatic spreading virus, the list goes on and on... What we need is for Congress to step up their efforts with tort reform instead of focusing on giving checks to illegals. The blood sucking lawyers will make this whole process of getting back up and running much more difficult.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

Covid-19 liability is, or at least should be, a major concern of all businesses, including rink & team owners, etc. This is why most businesses, private schools, pro teams, etc. closed down so quickly and are slow to reopen. This is also why USA/Mass Hockey put out guidelines that rink & teams should follow CDC & state/local guidelines. They don’t want to be sued!!

Ambulance chasing lawyers are drooling over the prospect of all these potential Covid-19 claims. I have received numerous emails for seminars on “How to bring Covid-19 liability claims.”

Plus don’t forget the government has setup a “tattletale” hotline for all these scaredy-cats to call & report businesses & individuals not following Big Brother’s orders. The hotline has already received hundreds of calls complaining about businesses & individuals, including kids, not following orders. If this dboard is any indication, this hotline will be receiving tons of calls from frightened zombie hockey parents.

The total shutdown policies setup by our leaders are just prolonging the life of this virus. Governor CB has already hired 2,000 additional people to “track” law abiding Mass. citizens. Other “Blue” state governors will be following his lead. Mandatory vaccination for all will be the next government overreach!!

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

I will gladly agree to the new world orders annual genetic resequencing vaccine if it means we can all play hockey tomorrow.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

This is exactly what Big Brother is counting on. You give up your rights & freedom in order to get a few crumbs. Eventually Big Brother is all-powerful and everything must come through Big Brother. Be a good little serf or you get nothing.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

Dude, lay-off the Natty Lights and Fox News...the local VFW will be open soon enough. Wow.

Re: Keep it Simple Stupid

Your hatred of vets and the USA is coming thru loud and clear.