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Re: the 68

My kid skated in this event last year so let me share my thoughts. 68 is a big number and I would say thye got the top 20 or so forwards right and say the top 10 to 12 D men right. After that everyone is really good but so are a lot of kids that were left out. You could easily replace the next 20 forwards with other very good players and same with the D. That being said they did get the top players correct. A few takeaways from what we experienced, this event likes to spread the invites around to make it more of a national event. There were definitely a few more kids from MA that could have been invited but it seemed they rather have a kid from Dallas, St Louis or North Dakota than another MA kid. Plus I thought I knew most of the top kids in the 05 division from around the country after 8 years of travel and spring hockey and I was wrong. Minnesota showed up with 10 kids, 2 or 3 we knew and had played against through the years but the other 7 or 8 holy cow. A bunch were really good and I am talking top of the food chain good and I had never seen them before but I know who they are now! They skate in their town programs, play for their local HS then go to UMD, U of MN or St Cloud (I hope they all stay in MN). Practices were well run and games were competitive. They could have used some stronger coaching on the bench VS college players as there were times kids did not move the puck or tried to do to much and should have been coached on the bench when they came off the ice and help accountable.

If your kid is going to CCM 68 congrats and my advice would be to keep it simple, move the puck, work hard every shift and play the game the way it should be played. If your kid is not going stay the course you will be fine, think big picture.

One last thing 7 Bridges Rink is not in Chicago....

Good luck MA kids and show them East Coast hockey is the best!

Re: the 68

My kid is not going but great e-mail, very interesting tx

Re: the 68

Tom M
does anyone have this year's list??? Or a link?
Nobody cares!!!!

Re: the 68

I was interested!

Re: the 68

I was interested!
Don't worry, heard its going to be canceled from a source in Chicago