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Re: NHL Seattle rink name

Laughing at You
\"Climate Pledge Arena\"

Ignore the amount of hydrocarbons you consume to build it and then all the hydrocarbon generated electricity it costs to run an arena and all the plastic waste that will be generated every game by all the fans. But take a victory lap that the ice is made from \"rain water\".

You can\'t make this stuff up.

You don't have to make this stuff up.

Calling it that simply brings more attention to the topic, which is exactly why companies pay hundreds of millions to name arenas. Its called name recognition. I'm sorry he couldn't make a building that ran on your hatred of change and cured cancer, but any steps that they take only helps.

I mean what a jerkoff for trying to help. He could have named it Amazon arena, uptight conservative pavilion, or internet wisdom hall. Right Jethro?

Stop searching for reasons to complain and enjoy some life.
Brand recognition. Name recognition is used in politics.

If you're going to pretend you know what you're talking about, try to use the right jargon.

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

The "Anarchist" Arena

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

Are there any rink and team names in Massachusetts that need to be changed or statues or portraits of team organization owners that need to come down for their past oppressive behaviors?

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

The list is long: any team named Indian's or named after a tribe without express written consent and compensation paid to the tribe. Anything named after or depicting C. Columbus, anything with Pilgrim in the name or, anything named after someone that owned slaves in the 1700's. After we are done cleaning all that up, get back to me and I'm sure they'll be additional items ready to be added to the list.

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

Trump Dog should by the rights and name it MAGA arena. He don’t mess around up in lib land though.

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

The guy from amazon bought the naming rights to the rink for the new nhl team in Seattle and named it "Climate change arena" hahaha
You sure its not in the "CHOP" zone? Its free entry and I think they named it "Everyone gets a trophy arena"

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

Good thing the company who named it rain forest or something only contributes to the problem. 1000s of delivery vehicles on the road every day.

Re: NHL Seattle rink name

Good thing that rink is carbon neutral. Would hate to see you guys be right.