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Re: If you want your kids to play hockey, Contact the Governors Office ASAP

Do Your Job
although the governors office wants us all to believe that the decisions are based on data, its not. its based on the amount of tax revenue each industry drives to the state. I know it sounds sick, but thats to play. Thats why it was essential for home depot to be open with hundreds of people inside, but we couldnt get a haircut with 2 people inside. advice is everyone who wants to see their kids play hockey(and other sports), get on the phone or computer and contact the governors office. call them every day. Tell them you are furious with the decisions they have made and you can see through the crap they are spewing our way. Threaten to vote against the gov and his cronies...tell your friends to call. we all have a voice, use it.

gov office contact info is here

Governor Baker\'s Constituent Services Main Office (617) 725-4005
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

to email, go here:

tell your friends to do the same. with any luck, if we all push hard enough, steps 2 and 3 in phase three wont take months, but just a matter of weeks. that happened in phase 2 for some....

good luck
Don't forget to mention his creep son who assaulted a woman on a plane while she was asleep that has been swept under the rug.
And that Karyn Polito’s kid was a bender. If he wasn’t, she would understand.