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Re: Sign the Petition to Governor Baker about playing games

The petition idea makes me laugh. We have a better chance of getting a ref to change a call by screaming at him from the bench than we do to get a Governor to change his mind from a petition signed by a bunch of hockey parents. It is time to face realities, hockey in MA is at the mercy of politicians. I am confident in saying Baker cares more about his future political aspirations (possible run for other positions) than he does about youth sports. The taxes generated from youth sports is so low he could care less. The majority of the teams with parents complaining on this board are non-profits. The rinks generate some local tax revenue but outside of that the Commonwealth could care less. Be prepared for a longer delay possibly the rest of the calendar year and start asking your coach to set up games with NH teams bc that is going to be your only option. God Bless NH.
You have no idea how bad I wish you weren’t right comrade.