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Re: Next to come is bad hockey.

08 daddy
With all these spring and summer tournament being canceled Im guessing the quality of play when regular season hockey comes back will be terrible. I mean, my 2012 has been blasting pucks in the basement since March and hitting up every skill clinic on the east coast but I just dont think it\\\'s enough. Feel real bad for the 2008\\\'s though. If they aren\\\'t on the ice year round the rust will be permanent. I guess we all will have to wait and see.
We are on the ice all year. Skills, hush-hush games with other programs at secret places and non stop dryland. Tell your \'12 to get his finger out of his nose.
You mean the secret games that are on video and made their way into the governors office and Are the reason why we don’t have hockey now.....
Can you honestly say you believe what you just wrote to be the reason?

C’mon, man.

Re: Next to come is bad hockey.

Wait, are you saying that COVID is now to blame for E9 hockey?
This virus really is ptent.