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Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

Truly spoken like a left wing never trumper.. Leagues/Teams will be creative in figuring out expansive skill sessions coupled with front loaded games out in NH and RI until the beginning of the year. Not an optimum solution but better that succumbing to the craziness of Gov Bakers rationale. Try walking around a Home Depot with about 200 people bouncing from aisle to aisle, go to a movie or better yet find your best threads and go do some hardcore protesting side by side with some other never trumpers but kids cant play ice hockey? Protesters were not only allowed but fully encouraged. So fed up with this non sense and the folks who get to decide who gets to do what primarily based on political beliefs and or how much tax revenue can be generated.

Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

OK realize this is a youth board so if little Johnny misses part of a squirt year its really no big deal even though parents will probably think its ruining his development. It's not and it wont matter at all 5 years from now.

The age groups that are getting screwed are the teenagers in the peak of their "draft" years for higher levels (like last year HS/Prep kids) who wont get noticed/scouted and cant turn back the clock. For youth hockey players this is nothing more than a frustrating inconvenience in the big picture.

Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

More ski days this season.

Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

Not one youth has died in Mass from COVID...It is not a threat...They get sick, the flu...just like any other day or any other flu..The percentages are ridiculous...Doc