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Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

OK realize this is a youth board so if little Johnny misses part of a squirt year its really no big deal even though parents will probably think its ruining his development. It's not and it wont matter at all 5 years from now.

The age groups that are getting screwed are the teenagers in the peak of their "draft" years for higher levels (like last year HS/Prep kids) who wont get noticed/scouted and cant turn back the clock. For youth hockey players this is nothing more than a frustrating inconvenience in the big picture.

Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

More ski days this season.

Re: MA Unlikely to Play this Fall

Not one youth has died in Mass from COVID...It is not a threat...They get sick, the flu...just like any other day or any other flu..The percentages are ridiculous...Doc