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Re: Boston 25 Story

It wasn’t begging for game play to resume. It was a meeting to discuss why hockey should not be considered high risk. Have some confidence in the state of MA on this subject and consider the fact hockey is a fall and winter sport. Baker did the right thing by saying no games this summer. He will also do the right thing by allowing games to take place come September 1st under strict guidelines. Relax hockey parents.
Hey I’m sorry but you clearly have way to much faith in government. I just heard strip clubs got the ok to open on Friday. Kids playing hockey though!! Way to dangerous. This state is a d*mned joke.
So, move.
Funny you say that I recently set up an interview for a job in Manchester and if I get it I’ll be gone before the start of the season. Don’t worry NH people I won’t be voting for the same politicians I’m leaving behind. Live free or die✊

Re: Boston 25 Story

If the strip clubs opening hockey has to be next in line :four_leaf_clover: