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Re: Bold Announcement

Top Gun announced on Twitter today that "opening up for games in Mass is a matter of when and not if."
How else are they going to convince families to shell out the money.

Re: Bold Announcement

The message is simple, TG will start playing home games in September and when it is your turn you can play your 2 away games. If you don’t have any NH or CT teams in your division you’re f$&ked. TG, Cyclones, Flames, Monarchs, Springfield and Rangers will have 18-20 games played by 2021 while everyone else will be lucky to play 2-4 games.

Re: Bold Announcement

No matter how much M*******s despise Western Mass, Springfield is still part of Massachusetts, and the Pics play in West Springfield at the Olympia.

Re: Bold Announcement

After all we have been thru in the last 4 months there is one thing I know. Who ever tries to predict what this virus situation is going to be beyond today has their head in sawdust.

The ramifications of the potential Fall bump are unknown. Did anyone predict Rhody would be on the no travel list?

Baker would love to slam NH and put them on the no travel zone!

We are all walking on eggshells with combat boots on!

Re: Bold Announcement

no hockey games at any level are happening in Mass before January and with the way the powers-that-be move goalposts around here it's a good bet the season doesn't happen at all.

How much is everyone willing to pay for a full season of skills?

Re: Bold Announcement

The only way TG can get to the top of the standings is to literally be the only team playing.

Re: Bold Announcement

Clubs are saying anything to get those delayed checks in. Pay as you go this year.