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Re: Paging MA Hockey

Hockey Guy
Ontario Hockey just released guidance. No competitive hockey until their is a vaccine. Small skills based on 2019 rosters, then small step to 3x3 only against kids within se ministry of health, then possibly 4x4. Stating no 5x5 for AAA or aa or rep until there is a vaccine.

Hockey here in MA is done. Find a tournament team and find some tournaments in states that allow youth hockey or just face reality of nothing but practice/skills til next summer.
I don't think there'll be games in MA. However, at least get your info correct. Essentially Ontario guidance has member orgs playing non-contact 5v5 games in September per member orgs approval and also as long as the member org is not new in which case it needs to go through 2 weeks of training. No where does it say full contact 5v5 will not be played until vaccine. Just needs government approval to move to stage 4.

This is inline with what MassHockey is trying to get approved but will inevitably fail at.