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They should broadcast the parking lot so at least we can watch the shenanigans going on there so you can get your moneys worth, because they aint gonna turn on inside the rinks and show you all the Covid Laws they are breaking
Locker rooms sprayed and cleaned between games. Unless you were on the ice, masks were worn throughout the rinks.
One rink checking temps of everyone who entered. People were respectful of others in regards to giving space.

Parking lot socializing was what you expected in these times. No masks when 6+ feet apart, masks when in close proximity to others. Hand sanitizer available at all rinks.

This is a lot of BS.

Bridgewater checked temps on Friday, but not Saturday morning. About half of the adults had masks on their face, some on their necks, which isn\'t doing squat, and others with no mask at all. No one enforcing mask rules inside. There was a large group of moms all sitting together in rink, close, with masks off, for early morning game like some big mormon family.

Northford never checked temps on Saturday or Sunday. No one enforcing mask rules and at least half of parents weren\'t wearing them.
Stop being such a wimp, I had my mask on all weekend. So didn’t everyone else I saw.
Not sure what rink this dude was at, but masks were everywhere.