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Re: Border Programs

Games don\\\'t build \\\"youth\\\" talent. What does? Skills, both on and off ice, and skating, skating, skating.

It has been discussed by some of my peer coaches that a youth \\\"game\\\" shutdown might be a good thing for Northeast hockey.

Why? The emphasis on winning exceeds the emphasis on skating ability, hockey intellect, positional play and individual work ethic. I have witnessed some kids only getting 15 minutes or less of ice time in a game. How does that improve his/her skills? It doesnt!

Make sure your Org has a good plan in place for the Fall. Then when games return let them be a barometer of the work put in.

Ummmmm, isn\'t 15 minutes somewhere between average to above average in a youth hockey game?
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Re: Border Programs

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Re: Border Programs

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