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Re: Masks

Just sayin'
What do you mean \"no supporting data\"? For masks? For infection? If everyone wore their masks and wore them properly, the Beer Bug would be gone in a month, and the flu would would almost be eradicated for the year as well. You\'re argument is stupid because by whining about not wearing one, people like you have forced the rest of us to have to wear one for 5 months now, with no end in sight. Grow a set of balls, do what needs to be done, and lets get it over with.
And yet we have had a mask mandate for months in this state and the reward is more restrictions.
NH kinda sorta has one and their numbers have been stable. Hell they had how many at the NASCAR event?
We've had 27+ kids on sheets of ice for 10 weeks without masks, racking up 1000s of hours of 'data' and not a single issue. Yet 5v5 is viewed as end of world dangerous.

Re: Masks

What a bunch of babies. Just shut up and wear a mask and tell the kids to so we can get some games in here before it all shuts down again. For God’s sakes show your kids how to have a little grit all you whiners.
Why don't you show your kids how to stand up for what is right rather than cave to authoritarian politicians that push guidelines that have no supporting data while spewing off that they will let the data drive their actions.

Re: Masks

Under Armour the $30, you cheapskate! small price to pay to play real hockey

Re: Masks

Genius, on back order until Nov.

Re: Masks

I could not have said it better ....... all these tough guys whining about a little piece of cloth.