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Re: Max Pro Jets

I feel bad for the kids that were signed to play games and now have nothing. This guy is all about himself. The father was never as bad as this kid and he is a young guy. You can make money but you dont have to rip people off and act like you invented the game
You're kidding, right? Where do you think Sonny Boy learned it all?

Dad was MIA for the last several years. Rumor has it he owed back taxes and either had to leave the area or was on the SERIOUS down-low. At one point parents were worried daily about whether the rink was going to be padlocked. Kids were REQUIRED to sign up for the 10 step to be on the Stars, when it should have been included. They had to change in the entrance because there wasn't enough room for the number of people he was running through that over-priced mill.

Find me ANYONE that went anywhere that went through that program.

The only reason you think the dad is clean is because you didn't have a kid in the sport five years ago.

Re: Max Pro Jets

I can tell you this about the Max Pro Jets. I continuously hear how good they are due to their focus on skills how high they are ranked on MHR and how they transform players. I don’t know if any of that is true.

I do know this. My kid has played in the top tourneys In New England and elsewhere in the country and I have never seen a single kid in those tourneys that lists Max Pro as their team and I have yet to see a Max Pro Sticker on a helmet in those tourneys.
Your player isn't an 05, then. Several from that team have played Chowder, NAPS, BlueLine, TPE, etc.

Re: Max Pro Jets

Program is not a destination. Period.