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Re: VHL sent out an email

Good point, 90%, which brings to mind, why would anyone coach a team their kid isn’t on.
Why would anyone teach a class their kid isn't in?

Why would anyone lead Sunday School for an age their kid isn't?

Why would anyone donate their time to any community activity their kid isn't involved in?

Stop making this argument. It's specious.

Re: VHL sent out an email

I think it is a valid question. Volunteer coaches get crapped on, blamed for things out of their control by the people sitting on their asses . Why would anyone volunteer given the crap they put up with.

Re: VHL sent out an email

I think in the VHL every kid who plays father coaches the team. They all rock the jacket and are fighting for the HC slot so they can control the ice time. That’s how town Hockey works. How are they gonna fit all the daddies on the bench?
Actually in that same email they are now limiting coaches to only 2 on the bench.

Re: VHL sent out an email

Only 2 coaches on the bench? What will towns like Arlington & Woburn do. They both roster 15 coaches. Get ready for the riots.

Re: VHL sent out an email

Basically rinks not happy with teams in league not following rules. Also wings have to wear masks now on faceoffs. 2 coach limit on bench.

But the kicker was that if rules are not followed rinks will go to no spectators. So it seems like its either too many spectators or people calling in violations. My guess is its people calling in violations.

Its only Oct 2 - We still have a long way to go. Please lets get this season in.

If people didn't break the rules, there wouldn't be violations to call in.

Re: VHL sent out an email

People calling in violations should put their kid in soccer or dance lessons. I have been in many rinks and have seen the stupid rules followed but if people choose to stand close together you don’t know their relationship, mind your god **** business. VHL needs to address the rinks involved not send out a blanket message not to mention their bullcrap rink rules that don’t allow for safe distancing and they want to complain. STFU