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Youth Hockey
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Re: Hockey in Massachusetts

If people actually read the article you will see this has zero to do with youth hockey. This was a men's league 19-53 years old. They had no masks and spent 20 minutes in the locker room before and after. Probably downed some Natty Lights on the bench and locker room as well.

Shut down the men's leagues and let the kids play. All these outbreaks were because of adults being stupid. Terriers have a film session in a closed room with no masks. How stupid cam they be? Did they ever hear of Zoom?

Follow the rules or don't play. This isn't a d**k measuring contest, these are the rules. You don't like them, build your own **** rink!

Re: Hockey in Massachusetts

I am all for them kicking all us parents out and letting the kids play with masks. I really hope this is being talked about as an option. I will do whatever I need to if it means kids can play. I sat outside rinks yesterday because that was the rule, will do it again today. Not the worst thing.

Re: Hockey in Massachusetts


The figure is a histogram showing COVID-19 cases associated with a recreational ice hockey game, by date of onset (N = 15), in Florida during June 2020.
Abbreviation: COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019.
Gee, thanks for telling us what COVID-19 refers to. Never knew that!