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Re: Livebarn vs Rink Shutdown

The problem is when you don’t allow spectators in the rink they congregate in large groups outside of it. If the rinks would have been strict with the one spectator and masks and whatever else this wouldn’t be an issue.

And screw the organizations that just had to have tournaments ( here’s looking at you BJT) when we all knew that for this year it wasn’t on the table. And screw all you parents who couldn’t wait to bring your kids to these tournaments. But I guess I’ll just have my bender in skills once this all gets shut down.
People like this spreading misinformation is what is going to get it shutdown.

Re: Livebarn vs Rink Shutdown

Pretty obvious, it’s so the Karen’s of the world can’t see the games. Therefor can’t screen shot every little problem from every single rink. It’s so they stay open, they don’t care if you watch. The only thing of concern is getting the kid out on the ice because the alternative is sit at home and rot. The kids need to be playing if they choose, the more of you watch the more reports on dumb issues.
It’s really so that people don’t have to look at your 300 pound wife waving her cowbell

Re: Livebarn vs Rink Shutdown

Ok, I understand this issue has been brought up several times and several different ways on these boards, but I'd be more willing to accept not being allowed in the rinks to see my little bender play if the games were at least offered on LiveBarn as a compromise. Obviously it's not ideal, but can someone explain why this isn't at least on the negotiating table?
Because it's not about you.

Re: Livebarn vs Rink Shutdown

Just ask an assistant coach live steam the game via Facebook or other streaming services.