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Re: Top 2 08’s battle Sunday

You mean Top Gun that was a lucky bounce away from losing to SSK???
Or TG who lost to the Eagles 0-5?
Roasted..... TG's only loss came from the lowly Eagles, a team whose only other win came against the breakers. Awful.
Why so angry?

Re: Top 2 08’s battle Sunday

Youth hockey expert
How is this possible 2-3 yrs ago both teams had a combined 3 wins for season?
Now they have only 1 loss combined .Only fitting on the last day of hockey these two
Early juggernauts do battle
I have TG at the buzzer 6-5 as the lights go out on a great season
See you in 2021
It's called development. Taking kids year after year does not always work. It all starts at practice down here.

Re: Top 2 08’s battle Sunday

Terriers team is almost completely turned over in last two years....maybe 3-4 of the same kids

Re: Top 2 08’s battle Sunday

Took bandits

Huskies r getting better