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Re: How many Hockey program with fold?

Harry S
60% off business have closed due to Covid19 - Fact. (Maybe more)

How many youth hockey programs with fold due to covid?

It is sad, but many with not survive under these conditions according to economic data coming out of the department of revenue

Please step away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself.

Re: How many Hockey program with fold?

Wait a minute what about the cash cow. what about all the the guys all getting rich. now with covid 19 wouldn't touch that business with a ****en 10' stick.. Academy owners need to find a way to get out and cover their asses. Business plan has many holes in it.

Re: How many Hockey program with fold?

this is a non issue, for programs

1. youths still need to participate and be active and hockey parents are crazy enough to endure anything for long periods of time
2. not for profit organizations work on operating cost and will be fine. less ice rental means less expense
.....................this is difficult to manage, but most will survive
3. private teams are still charging full tuition, paid long ago. good luck getting a refund.
....................They are probably making more money if they are renting ice and have to rent less of it due to shutdowns

the real losers in all of this will be the ice rinks, and programs who own ice rinks.
Ice rinks shut down, means income loss, but they still need to keep the ice cold.

Ice rinks closing will result in higher demand, on top of higher operating costs due to additional cleaning, and eventually higher ice rental costs. so get ready for tuition hikes in 2021.