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Re: To be a Karen or not to be a Karen?

We don't get to choose our opponents. We sign up for a team, the team plays in a league, opponents are dictated, until you get to parity, then it is different every year. It is crazy and no need for it. They should not have those teams in our leagues at mites. There's so man players and teams closer by that it doesn't make sense. Our household gets the mysterious CT flu every time we have to travel to play there.
Nice. Good teammate.

Re: To be a Karen or not to be a Karen?

why do people put their kids into club hockey at the mite level? Mites is where you find out if your kid even likes hockey? Town is more than good enough for that.
We put her into club hockey because last year the mite town program we were in had 45 kids on the ice for 1 hour twice a week and the practices didn’t look good. This season cost us $225 more and we get 3 hours of practice per week, less kids on ice and the competition is much better. Both programs about 20 minutes from our house.
“the competition is better”

Are you actually making that statement about mite level hockey? Good God!

Re: To be a Karen or not to be a Karen?

must play for top gun that is the only team i know of that gets 90 minute practices

Re: To be a Karen or not to be a Karen?

My daughters mite team has 10 full time players and a goalie. We put her on this team because we liked the the amount of ice time she would be getting with 10 players. Fast forward to today and the team now has 17 players showing up to practices and 15 showing up to games. From talking with other parents I found out that the coach “signed” an additional 5 kids as “alternates” who only pay 1/2 price and permanently invited 2 more for practices only. Can I call the program owner and ask for the half price deal or the free practice option?
Most Girls Programs are free for U8 levels, I would strongly recommend the Lady Flames if you are in Central Mass, great program and they will have the highest levels of competition in the area. If you are at a town program, I would recommend bringing up the discrepancy in tuition to the organization, if they don't do anything for you, go to another program that offers this level for free and do both.

Re: To be a Karen or not to be a Karen?

You get what you pay for.

If it’s for free it ain’t for me.