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Re: 07 Advantage unbeaten no longer

Sticker car guy
Advantage lost to the Patriots!!!! Hahahahahaha. Can you imagine if they tried to play in the EHF. They would be a bottom feeding team where the big boys play!!!!!!
My kid is in BHL, so no skin in the game here, but......
How much do you want to bet this guy^^^^ wears tshirts/jackets/hats or has a sticker on his car with his kids team logo on it?
I\\\'m not putting a dime on a losing bet.
You are absolutely correct. I do have a sticker of my kids team logo on my car. I’m a proud father of a kid that plays for a top elite team. Your kid probably plays for the Advantage Black team. Which he probably tried out for the elite team but didn’t get the call. Sorry your bender didn’t make the team. Have fun playing in the BHL. TL loves taking all your money
Enjoy playing for the Bandits. bahahaha
What happened to the once “great”
07 BA team? Losing to ehf gold level teams.

Re: 07 Advantage unbeaten no longer

Dude, off yourself. Seriously...loser.