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Can’t decide

My family and I are struggling with something and we deeply value the input from all knowledgeable posters here, since let’s face it most of you played at a high level.
The hockey league my 6 and 8 year old sons play in is very important as you all know. I send videos of Joey and Johnny to all my friends, co-workers and family but I want them all to know that we are an EHF family and not an E9. I sent one video to my cousin in Sicily of Johnny completing a criss cross applesauce (which he does regularly) but I don’t think they realize back in the old country of how important the EHF is? The league our two sons play in defines us as a family, how would you great hockey minds go about informing the them?

My cousin saw they video and asked does he a play in the E9-ah. I just said fuget-about it.!!!

Thanks in advance.

Re: Can’t decide

Re: Can’t decide

Finally, someone with a truthful and honest post. You must be a Democrat.