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Re: Fed vs E9

The troll OP probably didn’t realize he was opening this Pandora’s box, which makes this thread even better.

My oldest son was recruited by every Fed team since he was a mite. EHF coaches always talked about the ‘competition’ and why he should play EHF. We always played E9 though. The development for him was unbelievable. Great group of core kids he grew up with. The best part: every Fed ‘Elite’ team I have ever seen play was filled with kids WHO CANNOT SKATE!!!! Some can, most cannot. Seriously, these kids are literally STILL benders as midgets. Those programs are an embarrassment to the term ELITE. I could not imagine shelling out that much money every year to be left with a kid who cannot skate.

Alot of factors come into play but make sure your kid has good coaching, he can skate, loves the game and enjoys working to get better. The rest will take care of itself.

Oldest guy playing D1 next year after a year of juniors. Never played Fed in his life.
I like stories.