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Re: American Hockey Academy

Uh oh. Somebody's kid has friends going to MSC to play u14 and their little Johnny got the Heisman from coach. So now "anybody that goes there is a moron". Dude your little bender's ride is over. He's pretty good at hockey, better than most kids but guess what....he aint playing this game at a high level, he aint going D1 just because he played on a team that went to the q. Move to Plan B brother.
I don’t use plan b, your wife just swallows my nut.

Re: American Hockey Academy

How many academies are going to copy Mount?
Mount comes out of the gates LOADED, next thing you know Northshore HA, Boston HA, BK in Rochester, now this place????
North Shore HA give me a break, CN was fired just short of 2 years by BB&N and is trying to save his a$$ on that terrible ice contract he bought at Essex.

BHA lost it's draw 2 months into the season, kids don't even have dedicated locker rooms.

BK is the real deal but only because South Kent figured it all out for them.

Academy Hockey is the future, don't get mixed up with the bad ones, there are many out there.
If this is the future it is another indication that hockey is by far the most fkd up sport of them all, and by a mile.