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Re: EHF Midgets vs EHF Select

In youth hockey terms, EHF Selects is the "Elite" division. Not a direct comparison, but pretty close. With that being said, if your kid is just looking to get ready for HS season go with the one that will have the best coaching and best commitment from his teammates. Some teams at this level can turn into a gong show if the kids and/or coaches don't care.

Re: EHF Midgets vs EHF Select

Hi All,

Can someone tell me the difference between these two divisions? If son has opportunity to play in one or other which is better/worse. Or just go with coach like in youth?
Other thing to note is I don't think U15 does a Tier 2 so it's all Tier 1(Elite) for U15. Also some orgs only do EHF Selects and don't even do EHF Midgets.